The High Line Part Deux

Another Sunday of brunch and strolling, today I wandered from the West Village, up to Chelsea, down to the triangle that gives Tribeca its name, and back through Soho.

Two of my dearest girlfriends – we’ve been best pals since we were twelve – and I started the day at 1:30 p.m. with brunch at August.

We lingered over our challah french toast, croque madame and baked eggs with chorizo and blistered peppers for two laughter-filled hours.

Then we continued our lingering around the West Village, stopping into a few stores and admiring the classic charm of the neighborhood. (One day I’ll live there. One day.)

Then we strolled West, making our way to the West Side Highway to walk along the water, up to the High Line.

A park of the future, the High Line is a design maven’s dream. I love seeing the old tracks embedded in the grass, and oh, do I love those flowers!

The High Line is a wonderful place to spend a sunny afternoon or watch the sunset. Even a design novice like me can appreciate its immaculate feats.

We went to check out Section 2, the addition that runs from 20th Street to 34th (Section 1 runs from Gansevoort Street to 20th Street).

A fitting extension of the first section, Section Two offers similarly spectacular views, comfortable lounge chairs and bleacher-like benches for maximum city-scape-viewing, and a plethora of floral delights. Every time I’ve visited the High Line, I’m reminded how special this city is. Another beautiful layer.